Snuffleupagus is tested against various PHP 7+ versions.

Manual installation

Depending on the system, we might already offer binary packages. You can check our Download. In that case you only need to activate the extension inside your php.ini and to configure it.


The only dependency (at least on Debian) to compile Snuffleupagus is php7.0-dev or onwards.


git clone
cd snuffleupagus/src
./configure --enable-snuffleupagus
make install

This should install the file in your extension directory. The final step is adding an extension loading directive, and to specify the location of the configuration file, either in a conf.d/20-snuffleupagus.ini file, or directly in you php.ini if you prefer:

# This is only an example,
# you can place your rules wherever you want.

Be careful, on some distribution, there are separate configurations for cli/fmp/cgi/… be sure to edit the right one.


Upgrading the Snuffleupagus is as simple as recompiling it (or using a binary), replacing the file and restarting your webserver.