Arch Linux

Thanks to kpcyrd, Snuffleupagus is available in Archlinux’ community repository.

We’re also providing a PKGBUILD if you want to build the package yourself.

Alpine Linux

We’re maintaining the package in Alpine: you can simply apk add it.


Snuffleupagus is packaged there since 2019: you can yum install alt-php*-snuffleupagus it.

Debian and Ubuntu

We’re currently not providing a Debian/Ubuntu repository, but you can grab the latest release on github, or build your own package by cloning the source code and typing make debian.

There is a bug open Debian-side to track the inclusion.


Thanks to Rémo Collet, Snuffleupagus is packaged in Fedora!


Thanks to Franco Fichtner, Snuffleupagus is packaged in FreeBSD!

Source code

We’re currently using github as public code repository.

git clone